our fabrics


Tencera™️ is our very own trademarked fabric, a staple to every Bella Dahl collection. It's derived from TENCEL™️ Lyocell, which is produced by a responsible, closed loop process and made from sustainably sourced, natural raw material wood. The fabric then undergoes a unique wash process that creates an unforgettable soft touch and sleek finish.

This is one of our favorite fabrics for more reasons than one: it has a soft, silky feel, it absorbs moisture, and best of all, it provides a flowy, flattering silhouette. Rayon is made from purified cellulose fibers created from wood pulp. Those seasonal prints that you love? They're all 100% rayon.

Woven from the flax plant, our linen has become a regular in our Spring and Summer collections. Made for travels near and far, these pieces keep you cool in hot and humid weather. Our special wash and finishing processes make our linen seriously soft and better with time.

We use cotton to blend with other fibers and, it's this combination that sets us apart. You’ll find cotton sprinkled in our collections to add durability, softness and comfort to each piece.

Cupro couldn't be any more perfect. It drapes organically over your figure with a beautiful silk-like appearance. Cupro is produced from regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton. With low-maintenance care, it also breathes and regulates body temperature with ease.