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  1. About You - Input your information to set up your Pepperjam account.
  2. Publishing Channels - Enter your company details with the following recommendations:
    • Company Category - Clothing/Apparel
    • Customer Reach - USA
    • Promotional Method - Select all that apply: Social Media, Email Marketing, Direct Link, Web Site/Content
    • Social Media Footprint - Select all that apply
  3. Payment Details – Complete this section to receive your commission from your Bella Dahl sales directly through Pepperjam.
  4. Read through the agreement and submit your application.
    • It may take up to a few days for approval. If you don’t hear back after seven days, please reach out to us directly at


Once accepted to Pepperjam, you can request Bella Dahl as an affiliate partner. Our Publisher ID is 9467.


To begin earning your commissions on Bella Dahl product, create unique links to share on your communication channels. These links should be placed on your digital content featuring our brand. Some ideas include:

  • An Instagram in-feed post paired with a Link in Bio on your Instagram profile page
  • A weekly Instagram story or style haul of your favorite Bella pieces with a swipe-up link
  • A blog post rounding up the best Stay In Bella styles
  • A dedicated email to your database highlighting our signature Essentials

Download our folder of creative assets including lifestyle and product images that we'd love for you to share. Or, let's see your creative side! Shoot your own images featuring Bella Dahl that you know your customers would love.


We're offering up to 30% commissions on net sales from affiliate transactions directed to Sales are counted for same day purchases made from the unique retailer link. Payment terms are Net 30. You will receive your commissions directly from Pepperjam either via check or direct deposit. Note that you will not receive payment from Bella Dahl.


If you have any questions or would like to brainstorm marketing ideas, please reach out to us at

If you have a question regarding the Pepperjam platform, please contact Pepperjam Customer Care at 1-877-796-5700 or