The Tencera Story

We have a soft spot
for you, and you’re going to
have one for us too.

With extreme comfort and wearability in mind, Bella Dahl crafted and trademarked Tencera™ denim. Derived from Tencel®, Tencera ™ is an intricate fabrication and wash process that yields a luxuriously soft touch and sleek finish.

Tencera™ is a form of rayon and consists of cellulose fibers that are made from natural bleached wood pulp, known for its soft, absorbent, durable and wrinkle-resistant properties. Tencera™ is produced with a non-toxic solvent that is recycled during the production process and this type of fabric is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, being made from trees that are managed for sustained harvest.

It’s pretty much the softest piece of clothing you’ll ever feel.
It’s our brand. Our DNA.