"Each year, In October, I feel extra grateful to have my mom around. Not only is it the month of her birthday – its Breast Cancer awareness month and she is my favorite survivor. I have witnessed first-hand the horrible disease and the even more horrible treatments and their side effects that are required to ensure life. I was so excited when Bella Dahl, one of my favorite brands, told me about their Breast Cancer Awareness endeavor, and their working with The Pink Fund. I have seen how hard it is to manage family, appointments, finances, and work all while battling this deadly disease and I love that The Pink Fund focuses on just that. Providing these women the non-medical, cost-of-living expenses for those in active treatment for breast cancer. Wearing this Slouchy Sweater in blush this year means a portion of the proceeds go back to The Pink Fund and I can’t think of a better way to merry my love for fashion with my passion for breast cancer awareness, research, & prevention." -Jordan Underwood

"When I was 24 years old and attempting pregnancy, I found a small lump in my breast that turned out to be Stage 3, Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I was prescribed 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, 30 rounds of radiation treatment, and several reconstructive surgeries. On April 30, 2012 I was deemed cancer free, against all odds. Because of the aggressive treatment to my body, I was told by our fertility doctor that I was in menopause and couldn't get pregnant. We adopted our first baby girl, Genevieve in 2015. Nine months later, we learned that I was miraculously pregnant with a girl. Shortly after we learned that the birth mother from our first daughter was pregnant again, with a girl! We adopted her as well and our youngest little girls are just 11 days apart. We are incredibly thankful for our miracle babies. The best things in my life, came from the worst thing in my life - Cancer. Cancer made me a better woman, wife, and friend. Cancer made me a mommy, and because of that, I am so grateful." -Aly Taylor

"Almost 8 years ago, my mom’s best friend passed away from breast cancer. My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29. My best friend’s mom was diagnosed at 36. A close friend and mentor of mine was also diagnosed at 36 with no family history. Both my aunt and her husband had breast cancer. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, race, ethnicity or a healthy life style. I wear a pink ring with a breast cancer ribbon on it every day to remind myself and hold close to my heart those who have lost their battle, those who are fighting, and those who have survived. I pray for a day we find the cure, but until then, I cannot express the importance of breast cancer awareness and early detection with mammograms and self exams. I’m deeply humbled and proud to join Bella Dahl in helping to spread breast cancer awareness!" -Cassie DiLaura